ArkCDA History 

Prior to the formation of the Arkansas Choral Directors Association, choral activities in Arkansas were under the regulation of the State Vocal Association, which was affiliated with AMEA.   During the summer of 1966 a document entitled “Constitution, By-laws, and Manual for the Development and operation of Choral Activities in Arkansas was written by a committee consisting of the following individuals;
Alfred Skoog, Chairman Arkansas State College (now ASU)   
Marvel Williams, State Vocal President McClellan High School
Emmett Buford, State Festival Chairman Wynne High School  
Jack Ballard, All State Chairman Trumann High School  
Robert Fuller, Northeast Region Chairman Jonesboro High School
Don Wright, Northwest Region Chairman Fayetteville High School
Annette Reeves, Central Region Chairman Lakeside High School  
Pat Lowrance, Southeast Region Chairman Crossett High School
Richard D. Keyton, Southwest Region Chairman Hope High School
                  The sources for the original document were; The Manual of the National Interscholastic Music Activities Commission , The Arkansas School Band and Orchestra Association Constitution,  The Missouri Evaluative Festival Manual , The Southwestern District, New Mexico Music Educators Association Festival Manual , The Constitution and Bylaws of the Texas Choral Directors Association , and The Constitution of the American Choral Directors Association.
  The committee submitted its work for approval and adoption during the 1966 AEA convention in November. The intent was to implement the manual in a two year plan.   The minutes of the November 3, 19 66 meeting of the State Vocal Association reflect that Bob Fuller, Emmett Buford and Jack Ballard presented the proposed document for discussion. A motion was made by Carl Thompson “to accept what the committee has drawn up, Constitution and Bylaws , and let the Board of Directors put it into effect.” The motion was seconded by A. F. Thomas and was passed on a voice vote.   The State Vocal Association then met on February 25th, 1967 at the Marion Hotel in Little Rock . The following motion was presented;  

Whereas, the Arkansas School Vocal Association has voted its approval of a constitution, bylaws, and manual for the development of choral activities in Arkansas , and  

Whereas Article I of this constitution reads “The name of this organization shall be the Arkansas Choral Directors Association,” and

 Whereas, all members of the Arkansas School Vocal Association are eligible for membership in the Arkansas Choral Directors Association, upon payment of the prescribed dues,  

Now therefore be it resolved that this organization shall be known henceforth as the Arkansas Choral Directors Association, and that this designation shall be used in all official business and correspondence of the organization, and that the official initials of this organization shall be ARKCDA.   And be it further resolved that the Arkansas Choral Directors Association Shall be the official vocal music affiliate of the Arkansas Music Educators Association.  

The motion was made by Mrs. Clinton Sanders. The motion was seconded and passed. Thus the official birthday of the ArkCDA is February 25th, 1967 . Eventually the affiliation with AMEA was no longer held and instead the ArkCDA became an affiliate of the Arkansas Activities Association.  
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