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Mailing Lists
Each member school is expected to maintain a minimum of one subscription to the proper region mailing list. You may subscribe to as many lists as you wish and you may also subscribe to your list from more than one email address. It is very common for members to subscribe both at school and at home. These are the only authorized mailing lists used for ArkCDA communications.
Each region has its own mailing list. Announcements may be sent to individual region lists or, to the entire state by sending a message addressed to every region list. These lists are not discussion lists but are used strictly for making announcements or otherwise sending out vital information. Because of that only the region chairs and the ArkCDA executive director may send messages over the mailing lists. All others will bounce.
List Name
Who it's For (Click the region to send your subscription request)
Northwest Region Members
Northeast Region Members
Southeast Region Members
Southwest Region Members
Central Region Members
West Central Region Members
How to Join a List
1.    After reading steps 2 through 5, click the subscription link HERE. (If the link does not work for you simply launch your email software, address a new message to LISTSERV@NETPALS.LSOFT.COM and continue with steps 2-5)
2.    Leave the Subject blank
3.    In the body of the message type this;
Subscribe <listname> Your Name
EXAMPLE: Subscribe NWARKCDA-L Tom Street
4.  If you have a signature or any other information in your message DELETE IT. The body of the message must only contain the subscribe command as shown above.
5. When ready to subscribe click H E R E.
You will receive confirmation when your subscription is activated.At that point you will receive all communications sent to the list.   The procedure for LEAVING a list are exactly the same as joining except you must use the word Unsubscribe instead of Subscribe.   If you change e-mail addresses it will be necessary to change your subscription as well. To do this notify