ArkCDA Mentors
Class of 2008
  Kayla Abernathy   Karen Harris
  Jo Brinkle   Barbara Jones
  Sharon Ward Cooper   Mark Langley
  Janie Cunningham   Karen Murphy
  Randy Erwin   Beverly Pierce
      Amy Thomas
Class of 2007
Shari Burns Cathcart   Glenda Phillips
Suzanne Callahan
  Amanda Roberts
Dawnelle Fincher
  Carrie Taylor
Beverly Finley
  Angela White
Elaine Harris
  Roy Zimmerman
Krisie Holmes    
Class of 2006
  Sherry Clark   Annette Rushing
  Dana Emberson   Mary Schapiro
  Matt Foy   Tom Street
  Debbie Johnson   Ferroll Taylor
  Craig Jones   Bennie Carol Wade
  Gaye McClure   Katy White
  Tina Niederbrach   David Willard
  Cynthia Outlaw   Charlotte Wilson

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