Please Read This First
The Arkansas Choral Directors Association is approved by the Arkansas Department of Education as an out-of-district provider of professional development content. These events may be sponsored at both the region and state level. To be counted as professional development the following guidelines MUST be observed.
  • Only events sponsored by the ArkCDA will be considered.
  • All events must meet rules 5.01 and 5.02 of the ADE requirements for professional development.
  • Each region chair must submit an online application form for each session as soon as possible prior to the event.
  • Upon approval sessions will be added to the online database of approved events.
  • The administrator of the session must use ArkCDA Professional Development sign-in sheets (Available on the website) to record attendance. These sheets must be sent to the executive directors' office immediately following the event, where they will be maintained for attendance verification purposes for a minimum of five years.
  • For the purpose of local documentation, each attendee must receive a properly completed Verification of Professional Development Training form (Also available on the website).
NOTE: The fact that an event is being sponsored by the ArkCDA does not in-and-of itself mean that it qualifies for PD hours. For example, business meetings are not eligible. Rehearsal observation at all region or state is also not eligible UNLESS it includes some form of panel or group discussion of the session observed. In that situation both the observation AND the discussion times may be counted.
Individual mentor/mentee contacts do not require approval and should be reported using a separate form located at Resources, For Teachers, Mentoring Program, Record Mentor Contact.
To access the ArkCDA Professional Development application form click HERE.