ArkCDA Summer Images
The pictures below are all either from the ArkCDA Summer Workshops on July 7 & 8 in Russellville or at various ArkCDA functions held in conjunction with the AACDA Summer Convention and Reading Clinic in Hot Springs. Click to start a slide show or on an image to enlarge.
President for one week, Craig Jones prepares his remarks at ATU.
The third mentoring class!
Fortunately, the computers weren’t a major part of the workshops.
ArkCDA “Under the Hood” - a complete look at “How we do things.”
Senior and Junior Section Chairs, Angie Weaver and LaJuana Warner.
Matt Foy and Craig Jones at the board summer meeting.
Region Chairs, Suzanne Callahan , Elaine Harris, and Dawnelle Fincher
Region Chairs, Cynthia Outlaw and Charlotte Wilson
Tina Niederbrach, Angie Weaver and Mark Langley listen to guest choirs
Craig Jones and Carrie Taylor listening to choirs
Craig Jones, Mary Schapiro and Jeff Murphy at the retired directors’ reception
Curtis Minor and Dennis Burton at the retired directors’ reception
A WONDERFUL meat, cheese and fruit tray prepared by Tina. Niederbrach
Tina Niederbrach also prepared the punch!
and still MORE Visiting!!
UhOh... when these three get together LOOKOUT!
Craig Jones presents Pat Smith with a certificate of appreciation.
Dawnelle Fincher calls the Northwest Region meeting to order.
They’re gonna need a bigger room!
Elaine Harris chairs the Central Region
Central Region directors
West Central Region Chair, Matt Foy
West Central directors
Cynthia Outlaw is chair of the Southwest Region
Southwest Region directors
Suzanne Callahan, Northeast Region Chair
Northeast Region directors
Southeast Region Chair Charlotte Wilson explaining the “rubric!”
Southeast directors in the parlor - Charlotte is STILL explaining the rubric!
Gary Morris of J & B Music Sales
Smile Krisie!!
Wating for the ArkCDA meeting to begin
ArkCDA president Craig Jones concentrating on his top ten list.
Signing up for inservice!
Craig Jones calls the meeting to order.
Craig presents past president Tina Niederbrach with a plaque of appreciation
LaJuana Warner presents the junior section chair report
Angie Weaver, the senior section report
Carrie Taylor, the all state report.
July, 2008