Registration Instructions

 Please read these instructions carefully before clicking ANY of the links shown. For a PRINT version of these instructions click HERE.
Your school membership for the current year will not be considered complete until and unless you complete steps 1-4 below. If your email address or cell phone number have not changed since last year you DO NOT need to perform steps 3 and 5.
  The word "HERE" at the end of each step a new tab will open that will display the proper page to complete that step. If you do not see it you may need to expand the window on your browser. Once you have completed a step you may use the "Back" button on your browser to return to this page for the next link.
  1. You must complete the online registration form. REMEMBER! Your junior/middle and senior high require completely separate registrations. To do that click HERE
  • A. If your school was in the database last year it should be included in the dropdown list that displays when you click in that box. If your school is not listed in the dropdown list please contact for further instructions.
  • B. Please use capital letters appropriately. If you enter everything in lower or upper case that is the way it will appear in all printed materials (All state program, adjudication sheets, etc.)
  • C. Please enter your telephone number using this format; 999.999.9999. Do not include extensions.
  • D. You will need enrollment figures for your school as well as your choral program.
  • E.To submit the form please click the Save button ONLY ONCE.

When the form resets to an empty form for verification you may return to the ArkCDA home page and select People, Current Member Schools. Current schools are listed in alphabetic order.

  2. You must print, complete, and mail in the member invoice with the proper signatures and fees. Your school is not considered registered until and unless the proper fees are paid. Please note that personal checks will not be accepted for school membership fees. Also, member invoices will not be accepted without the administrator signature as required. If you save the form to your desktop you can click the Typewriter tool to enter text before printing. To do that click HERE
  3. You must sign up for your region mailing list. If you are already subscribed and your email address hasn't changed you do not need to re-subscribe. To subscribe click HERE
  4. You must send in the AAA Eligibility certificate along with a list of your eligible students. NOTE: You only need to include the names of those students who will be participating in any interscholastic choral event in the upcoming semester. Also, note that even though all seventh and first semester 8th grade students are automatically eligible their names still must be reported. DO NOT SEND LISTS THAT CONTAIN PERSONAL INFORMATION THAT MAY VIOLATE THE STUDENTS' RIGHT TO PRIVACY (social security number, etc.). To do that click HERE
  5. Sign up for the ArkCDA text messaging service by sending a text message to 23559 with the text @ArkCDA. NOTE: The username you enter must be identifiable as belonging to a member school director. Usernames which cannot be verified WILL NOT be approved.
  This is 100% optional and will only be used in situations where time is of the essence in communication. ArkCDA is not responsible for any texting charges that may occur.
Registration Deadline is OCTOBER 1. Direct any questions to